SMPlayer now supports mpv

SMPlayer can now work with both MPlayer and mpv. But... what are MPlayer and mpv?

SMPlayer can't play media files on its own. It runs a multimedia engine to play the media. Until now SMPlayer has been using exclusively MPlayer as multimedia engine. But now it's possible to use mpv as well.

What is mpv?

mpv is based on MPlayer and provides new features and bug fixes.

Quelques unes des fonctionnalités les plus intéressantes :

  • Possibilité d’afficher deux sous-titres en simultané
  • Jouer des vidéos de site comme Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Vevo et tant d’autres.
  • Support pour les chapitres ordonnés MKV
  • Déplacement précis
  • Suppot natif pour VAAPI et VDA. VDPAU amélioré
  • Amélioration des captures d’écran
  • Frame back step
Click here for a detailed list of the mpv features

How to install mpv


The Windows installer gives the possibility to choose which multimedia engine should be installed. Just click on "Multimedia engine" and be sure mpv is selected.
The SMPlayer installer


Visit to get the latest version of mpv for your distro.
Users of Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise) and 14.04 (Trusty) can get mpv 0.15.0 from ce PPA.

How to enable mpv in SMPlayer

To use mpv instead of MPlayer, open the SMPlayer preferences dialog and select mpv as multimedia engine in the General tab.

Select mpv in preferences